A serene haven situated on a beautiful island, this resort offers guests a distinctive experience in each and every room. From the enchanting Moroccan Palace to the untamed wilderness of Madagascar, see how our interior designers thoughtfully designed a place that creates lasting memories for its guests.


Family suites

Designed to accommodate families and large groups, these suites are where comfort and togetherness take centre stage. Every room is themed after a renowned beach or island and has its own story to tell.

'Bahamas the Caribbean'

'Escape to Madagascar'

'The Moroccan Palace'


For the solo traveler or the couple on a romantic getaway, these small spaces will bring you on big adventures. Maldives or the Bahamas? Our rooms may be compact, but we’ll sail you there without comprising comfort.

'Marvelous Maldives'

'Las la belleza Cancun'

'Tantalizing Turks and Caicos'

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